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Friday, March 18, 2005
It is sooo good to have a car again. For more detail or if you do not know that we FINALLY got a car, read the previous blog entry...

Anyway, it is so nice to be able to run errands and actually get things done for a change. So we headed over to Target.

I got yelled at by an employee there for taking pictures inside the store. The reason I took pictures is because they have changed around EVERYTHING in the front of the store and I wanted to take pictures to show my friend Michael who is in Australia right now.

Here is how it went down:

After I was finished taking my last picture, this female employee kept saying, "Hey". I finally realized she was talking to me.

So I said, "Yes?"
She said (obnoxiously), "You cannot be taking pictures inside the store."
I told her that there was a friend of mine who was out of the country that I would like to show the changes to.
She said (real snippy), "Well, it is against store policy."
So I replied, "Who do you think I'm gonna show the pictures too? I am not a spy from Wal-Mart or anything!"
She said, "It is not my policy. It is what the store says."
I said (real sarcastic), "Well, THANK YOU for doing your job." And I walked off.

I mean, seriously...That is just a control freak issue on her part because there were plenty of other employees who saw me taking pictures and NONE of them said a word. Even the security guard saw me doing it and did not say anything. Bitch! Sorry, I am done now.

And just to show this control freak woman that I can and will do whatever I want to do, I am posting the pictures in my blog! MUUUHAAAHAAA!

New food court. It used to have a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell here. Now it has Pizza Hut and a Starbucks (Like there are not enough of these everywhere anyhow)

New Customer Service area. Big change here! The bathrooms are now right next to this on the left.

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